Dear Friends

Dear Friends

I’m delighted to announce that for the next year Danny Royle is going to be working for St. George’s for 16 hours a week as a Community Outreach Worker. We’re absolutely thrilled that Danny will be doing this role and look forward to the year ahead.
As part of his job, Danny will attend St. Mellitus College North West (based at the Cathedral) on Monday mornings as an ‘audit student’ – meaning that he will attend all of the lectures for the degree course but won’t have to write the essays or do the exams, so he’ll have all the benefits of the learning and the community but won’t have a formal qualification at the end.


Danny will also be part of our staff team, working alongside me and Ashley, and attending meetings, courses and training events with us.


His role will mostly be about working in the local community, with a particular emphasis on the Grizedale estate. Along with others, he will pray for the community, tell people about Jesus, invite them to church, serve them in whatever way he can, and put on events in the community and on the estate to bless them.


Please pray for Danny, and for Rachel, Freya and Flo, in this new phase of their lives, and pray for much fruit to come from the work that he will do.
With love, Kate x

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