Family Worship Toolkit- Sunday 22nd March

Family Worship Toolkit- Sunday 22nd March

Whilst we are not able to meet together in our normal worship place, it doesn’t mean we can’t still worship God!

Here’s a toolkit that helps you build your own Sunday Church Service right in your own home… Don’t feel you have to do everything- just pick what will help you be open to meeting with God today.


It is good to mark the beginning of your worship somehow.  Maybe light a candle if you have one, or say the words below.

“God is Good.  All the time! All the time.  God is Good!”


Begin by praising God with songs.

This is a good one if you are feeling a bit down and want to be picked up a bit!

This is one of our favourites!

This one reminds us that God is King and more powerful than even the most scary things!


Listen to the story from the Bible told by the Godly Play storyteller.

Discuss these questions together

  • I wonder what you like best about this story
  • I wonder which is the most important part?
  • I wonder where you are in this story?
  • I wonder if there is any part we could leave out, and still have all the story we need?


Look together at this prayer.

“Into your spacious heart and loving hands, dear God,

I place my fears, my “what ifs,” my spinning world and mind…

Comfort me with the truth no fear is too big for the Great One, who is always with me.

I am never alone.

Calming God, bring courage.

Tender Spirit, breathe peace.

Gentle Jesus, be close.


Print off the illustrated version of this prayer (source:  Illustrated Children’s Ministry) or simply get a blank sheet of paper and some colouring pens, pencils or crayons.  Think about what is making your mind spin at the moment and offer your prayer to God.  You might want to put some quiet music on in the background.

(Background Music)

At the end say the prayer together.


You might want to finish with another song.

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