Our Living Heritage

St George’s is the oldest surviving building in Everton (well, second oldest, if you count the famous lock-up!) and is still used for its original purpose as a gathering place for Christians to worship God and serve the local community.  Built in 1814, as a collaborative project between architect Thomas Rickman and ironmaster John Cragg, St George’s was built as the first ‘Iron Church’.  Constructed from a wrought iron frame, St George’s looks and feels different from almost every other church.

Over recent years the church has required increasingly urgent renovations to secure its future.  We are fortunate to have nearly completed a two phase roof repair, with the support of the Heritage Fund, which is due for completion in April 2019.  In the near future, a new purpose built ‘Iron Church’ website will go live, providing a new interactive way to engage with the history and heritage of St George’s.

However, the heritage of St George’s is a ‘living heritage’ that is passed on from one generation to another united by our common faith- we are still writing history and welcome you to join us and continue writing it together!