St. George’s Parking Permits

St. George’s Parking Permits

Some of you might be aware that back in the early Autumn the council decided to make the roads surrounding St George’s residents only parking. Since then we have been in conversation with them, and I am glad to announce that we have been given 20 parking permits to enable St George’s members to park free from the concern of getting ticketed.

The wardens and I think the simplest way of distributing the permits is to have a sign in/out sheet for each permit, all of which are numbered. If you need a permit then they will be in a basket with the welcomers at the back of church. Pick one out, put your name in the row of the corresponding number on the sheet, and in the right date column. It’s important that they are returned to the basket and signed back in on the sheet after church as we only have 20 and have to pay to replace them.

Happy parking everyone!
With love, Ashley x

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