Talking Snakes? Pregnant Pensioners? A Floating Zoo?  Lying, Cheating, Murder… and Gardening?

It can only be either the latest high-budget fantasy epic on Netflix… or the Bible!  Back in May, we did a short survey of church members about reading and listening to the Bible.  Everybody who responded thought reading and listening to the Bible was important, but over half of us said we sometimes find the Bible hard to understand and a number of us said we weren’t sure where to find important stories and passages.

So, during our services this Autumn, we are going to be doing a whistle-stop tour of the Old Testament, looking at some of the key stories and passages that help us to understand who God is and why ultimately he became one of us in the person of Jesus.  We’re beginning in the weird and wonderful world of Genesis!  To help make sense of some of the weirdness, I cannot recommend enough

For those of you interested in the conversation around Genesis and science, ‘Can we believe Genesis today?: The Bible And The Questions Of Science’ by Ernest Lucas is a great place to start!It’s obviously impossible to cover every chapter and verse in just 16 Sundays so we have produced a daily Bible reading/listening guide that will help fill in some of the gaps (see below).  There are a number of free Bible apps and free audio Bibles can be found at for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

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