Our Story

We are a lively and active parish church committed to loving God and our neighbours in the historic, diverse and ever-changing community of Everton.

We are a church made up people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Everyone has a different story as to how they ended up here and we love to help new people explore faith and become part of our community.

As a church we want to grow deeper in knowledge and love for God:

We want to encounter the Holy Trinity in worship 
We want to know the Father more intimately in prayer
We want to be united with the Son and in our relationships with each other
We want to have our minds and lives reshaped by the Spirit
We want to love our neighbours radically and sacrificially

We love our community and want to experience God’s Kingdom in Everton, as it is in heaven.  We host the St George’s Pantry- an innovative food membership scheme that brings people together to tackle food waste, bring down food bills and support each other in community.

We are also a historic church; Christians have worshipped here since 1814.  Over the last 200 years there have been over 30,000 baptisms, 11,000 weddings and innumerable funerals.

For many, the ‘Iron Church’ is a special place and we love to reconnect with the ‘Lost Tribe of Everton’.