When someone dies in St George’s parish, they can have a funeral at St George’s, whether they were churchgoers or not.  Sometimes the place where someone died is different from where they spent most of their life, so if your loved one had a strong connection with St George’s we can still explore having their funeral here.

The first step is to visit a funeral director who will usually make contact with us on your behalf.  If your loved one lived in another parish, the Vicar of that parish will need to be consulted first and they may wish to take the funeral themselves so they can support you through your bereavement after the funeral.

Shortly after, a minister will make contact with you to organise a visit to meet you and to discuss your loved one’s funeral.

Christians believe that each and every person is uniquely made in the image of God, so the funeral service can include unique details to reflect a unique life. Also, a church funeral does not have to take place in the church building, our ministers can lead funerals at the crematorium or at a green burial sight.

Memorial Services

A few months after your loved one’s funeral, you will be invited along with other families who have said goodbye to loved ones at St George’s to a memorial service.

This is a good time to reflect and remember your loved one a bit of time after their death.  During their service, we will read their names out and light a candle in their memory.  We also have a book of remembrance where their name can be added at your request.

Bereavement Resources

Grief is natural and many people go through the grief journey with just the support of family and friends. We are here to support you too, whilst others value the support of trained counsellors or listeners.

There are many organisations which can help with grief, these are just a few: