Children & Young People

We are delighted to have many children in our church family.  They bring life, energy, and also unique wisdom to our life together.

We want them to belong and play a full part in our church.  We try to make sure our services connect with our children’s spirituality as well as the adults.

We recognise that children also need their own spaces to learn and grow as followers of Jesus, so three Sundays a month we have Kid’s Church- a place for children aged 4+ to worship, pray and explore the Bible together with their leaders.  Kid’s Church meets every other week at the Beacon School.  Just come along to church and someone will show you the way!

For under 4s we welcome them to stay with the adults in church- we are happy to see them run around, make a bit of noise and be themselves.  We have a dedicated Tot’s area for them to play and explore.

For young people aged 11+ we have a weekly Youth Group that meets 6pm-8pm in the church every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month).