Harvest Festival- Sun 2nd Oct

This year’s Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 2nd October at 11am. Everyone is welcome at our service for all ages (9 days or 99 years!).

During the service we will be accepting offerings of food, toiletries and clothing to go to North Liverpool Foodbank and Asylum Link Merseyside

If you aren’t able be there on the day, you can drop off your gifts at St George’s Vicarage, Northumberland Terrace.  Please leave your items in the box.

Urgent items: UHT Milk, Tinned Veg, Mashed Potato, Fruit Juice, Coffee, Curry & Pasta Sauce, Custard, Cup A Soups, Noodles, Jam.  

Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Shower Gel and Shampoo, Sanitary Products, Good Quality Clothing, Shoes and Socks, Coats and Jackets, Gloves and Hats

Alternatively you can donate money directly to the Foodbank here or Asylum Link here.