Palm Sunday- 28th March

This year’s Palm Sunday service will be on our YouTube channel on Sunday 28th March.

Normally, as part of the Palm Sunday service, we re-enact the procession as we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.  This year, instead, there is a special Palm Sunday prayer walk around St George’s parish. 

This is something you can do at any time on Palm Sunday or later in the week.  There is a map with a route and prayer prompts for you to follow.  On Monday 29th March, restrictions will change to allow two households or up to 6 people to meet outside.  So you may wish to delay your Prayer Walk until after Palm Sunday to meet up with someone else to do it.  Equally, you may want to do a Prayer Walk nearer your house or in your imagination if you can’t manage the to do the walk yourself. 

You can also pick your palm cross from the vicarage (40 Northumberland Terrace) any time from now. Please download your prayer map from here